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Georgia Driver's Education Grant Scholarship Program

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Getting a driver's license is, for many, a rite of passage and sign of increased freedom. As you are reaching the age at which you can have your license, it is crucial to prepare with high-quality training and practice. Our drivers' education course is designed to provide practical training that prepares you for your licensing test and for a lifetime of safe, responsible driving. This course includes 30 hours of classroom training and 6 hours of behind the wheel.  After course completion you will receive certificate for $150 tax credit and insurance discount.

Prepare to get our driver's license


• Smith System

• Zone control

• Handling emergencies

• Safety at intersections

• Speed control

• Visual search patters

• Changing lanes

• Hand-over-hand steering

• Perpendicular and parallel parking

• Interstate driving


Get professional training in a variety of skills

In order to receive a Class D license, you must hold your learner's permit for one year and one day. If you do not complete an approved drivers' education course at the age of 16, you must wait until the age of 17 and provide documentation of at least 40 hours of supervised driving, with 6 hours occurring after dark, in order to qualify for your license.


The total cost for course of 30 classroom hours/6 driving hours is $399, other packages are available.

Is completing drivers' education necessary to get a license?

Student Driver


30 hours in the classroom

6 hours behind the wheel


How it works!

  • Teen drivers and their parents or guardians apply by completing an online application by visiting

  • Online applications are due by the 5th day of each month

  • Students and parents are notified by email by 20th of each month if the application has been awarded or denied

  • Students have 30 days from the date of the scholarship award to choose an authorized drivers education provider and present their scholarship redemption code to enroll in 30/6 drivers education course. Students have 180 days from the date of the scholarship award to complete the 30/6 course.

GA Drivers Ed Grant Scholarship Program



Who is eligible to apply?

  • Georgia students between the ages of 15 and 17 years old

  • First priority is given to students who are children or dependants of Georgia public safety professional or military personnel killed in the line of duty.

  • Second priority is given to students who demonstrate a financial based need.

  • Third priority is given to all students who do not qualify under the first and second priority

  • Scholarships are awarded evenly by congressional districts and are electronically selected at random in each priority level if the number of applicants exceeds the number of scholarships available